The BHS Series saddle pad, part of our CEO Collection, adds a 3/8" closed-cell foam insert to help distribute saddle pressure over the bars of the saddle, and reduce the breakdown of the pad over the bars. This pad is great for high withered horses and poor saddle fit. This layered design is great for an every day work pad and is designed for lasting wear. Pair it with a 1" or 3/4" wool base pad for a great all day cowboying pad, or try it paired with a 1/2" felt for what we like to call our "1D Lite," designed with the barrel racer in mind.


These pads are made to order, please allow up to two weeks for completion. 

Step 1- Pad Type OG or Kush(add $55.00)


Step 2- OG Pad comes in Dark Gray or Kush in Light Gray or Black(add $55.00)

Step 3- Pad Thickness chose 1/2", 3/4", or 1"


Step 4- Pad Lining OG ONLY on 1/2" or 3/4" Add $55 for Fleece Lining


Step 5- Pad Size chose 28x28(Small), 30x30(Standard), 32x32(Large)


Step 6- Gullet Type (Open or Closed Gullet is additional $10.00)

Step 7- Pick 1 of the many different Wear leather Options in above photo. If additional charge it will be listed under the Drop Down Option

Step 8- Select if you would like a Corner Design and/or Wither Design. We will contact you for colors, images, etc depending on what you want. Please note if you would like both (additional charges will apply)


Step 9- Select if you would like to add Buckstitching, Crystals//Spots, Fringe (spots only $10.00, please note in description)


*Please note any specific colors etc. We will send you a final picture of product before it is designed. All additional charges will be invoiced once you approve photo*

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Best Ever Pad BHS Series - Build Your Own Pad