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Keep bugs away from your horse with Farnam Endure Horse Roll-On Fly Repellent. This water-resistant product stays on and keeps working even in wet conditions such as sweat and rain. The unique formula offers quick knockdown of insects and 5-7 days of protection against flies and biting gnats which can harm and irritate your horse. The easy-to-use roll-on style offers effortless, even coverage and provides sunscreen for added protection and beneficial conditioners for the skin and coat.Key BenefitsProvides repellency and quick knockdown of house, face, horn, deer, stable and black flies as well as gnats and mosquitos.Water-resistant formula stays on through environmental conditions such sweat and rain.Offers 5-7 days of protection against insects with an easy-to-use roll-on applicator.May be applied around superficial wounds and abrasions and can be used to spot treat areas where flies gather.Safe for use around the eyes, nose and mouth and contains sunscreen for added protection.

Endure Roll-On Fly Repellant for Horses 3oz

SKU: 0086621053335
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