Going on an adventure? Then be sure to bring all your necessities along in the Tucker Adventurer Saddle Bag Full Set! Complete with a pommel and cantle bag, these large saddlebags hold everything you need for an extended trip without needing a packhorse. Designed with 1680 water-resistant denier, the sturdy construction ensures you won't lose your essentials out on the trail. Both bags also contain a waterproof cover that can be used over the saddlebags or your saddle to keep it dry. 

The pommel bag features two large compartments on either side, with one side containing a water bladder with a bite valve. This allows for easy water storage and hand-free access when riding. Three smaller compartments line the middle of the pack and are perfect for small items such as a cell phone, GPS, or knife. The contoured design allows the pack to fit nicely next to your saddle while a four-point connection system keeps the pommel bag stable and reduces bounce. 

The cantle bag has a smaller detachable cantle bag that can be removed and used on its own for shorter trips. Under the smaller bag, the center contains compression snaps with side-release buckles for jackets or bedrolls to be brought along. Both sides of the cantle bag feature ample storage compartments with one side containing a plastic snap-in bag to keep your electronics safe from water exposure. Two easy-access water bottle compartments allow you to stay hydrated while the fleece lining protects your horse from rubbing. Compression straps along the side keep the cantle bag in place and can be customized to your rigging.

For your horse's comfort, both packs are built on a foam base for cushioning while the fleece bottom prevents rubbing no matter how many hours you spend in the saddle.

Key Features:

Complete Pommel and Cantle Set
1680 Denier
Comes with a Waterproof Cover (Both Packs)
Amble Storage for All Necessities 
Foam Base with Fleece Bottom for Comfort
Sturdy Straps and Attach to a Variety of Rigging

Tucker Adventurer Saddle Bags

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